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Living the life of an artist

Making a choice to live the life of an artist is both magical and full of risks. You let yourself surround by inspiration, you let yourself be part of the unknown. Inspiration become songs, and with that comes the joy and the responsibility to share your muse with those around you. What you channel as songs is already all out there, you are just a vessel for the beauty (and sometimes tragedy) in our world.

After closing the Neon Venus Art Theatre, I'm once again becoming a full artist, and I'll be posting new music videos for my music, as well as performance dates. This time around I'll be performing as a solo artist. The members of Neon Venus went their own way after my guitar player and I divorced. So now it's a musical journey that I'm exploring by myself and I love the opportunity to share my experience through this site. Thank you for joining me in the the path less traveled.

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