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This is the website for the band Neon Venus and their lead singer Lissette Napoleoni.  The band's bio is under 'Neon Venus bio' on this website. 

General Summary of Lissette's bio:

Lissette Napoleoni has worked as a professional singer and entertainer in Las Vegas and abroad.  Lissette managed and produced shows for her own performance venue, the Neon Venus Art Theatre, from 2008-2016. She has also used her master's degree in Telecommunication Arts to work as a professional photographer/videographer in different jobs, such as videotaping castings for brands such as Calvin Klein and Elizabeth Arden. Lissette has also done photography for actors, musicians and bands. Her most personal work consists of singing with her own band, Neon Venus, which music videos has been featured on MTV Espanol.  Lissette has a Journalism/Advertising Bachelor's degree from Ohio State University and a Master's Degree in Telecommunication Arts from the University of Michigan. 


The following are tidbits and highlights of Lissette's life in the arts and other worthwhile adventures. 


Lissette Napoleoni was born in San Juan, the daughter of Maria Luisa Napoleoni Ojeda and Nestor Salazar Cummings.  She uses her mother's last name thought she loves her father's last name as well



Lissette Napoleoni joined the National Synchronized Team of Puerto Rico in 1978. She participated in solo, duet and team competitions. Lissette took part in four Central American Games and one Pan Am Games.  She also qualified for the Olympics Games in South Korea of 1986, where synchronized swimming was doing an exhibition appearance. She earned four bronze medals on behalf of Puerto Rico in Central American Games and a silver medal at an international meet in Mexico. 


Lissette Napoleoni attended Ohio State University and joined their Synchronized Swimming Team.  But Lissette quit the swimming team in 1986 partly in an effort to focus on learning more about the music scene in the US (as well as to go out and enjoy it). She graduated from OSU in 1990. At this time, Lissette already had plans to start a band at some point. 

Ohio State University - Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism/Advertising - School of Journalism -Honors Student


Lissette attended the University of Michigan and obtained a Master's Degree in Telecommunication Arts (Film and Video). At this time, she does an internship for college credit at the Artists Company in New York City, where she helps edit director's reels that will be sent out for commercial consideration. She got to be a pa in a commercial directed by Tarsem with Larry Fong as a cinematographer and Fatima as creative director. The creative team behind 'Losing My Religion' were the reason she took the internship in New York City in the first place, as they were part of the Artist company roster. 


Lissette arrived in New York City and moved to the East Village.

She worked at the video production company Video Portfolios, where she videotaped several castings including Calvin Klein, Elizabeth Arden and other major brands as well as TV shows such as Wings.

Lissette obtained other part time work in New York City while working and writing music. During this time Lissette prepared to play her first rock show as a singer. Lissette started her rock group with Peter Valentino in 1996.


Neon Venus played its first show in New York City at the New Music Cafe in 1997. The band went on to play several shows at the Spiral in the East Village. Other shows included the Sidewalk Cafe, The Continental as well as other local bars around the city.


Neon Venus recorded and released their 1st Neon Venus record, the Birth of Neon Venus.

Neon Venus joined CD BABY in 1999 and became part of the first wave of independent bands joining the digital revolution in a new kind of distribution chain.



Neon Venus moved to Los Angeles.  The band played shows around the city including a residency at the Los Angeles Brewing Company. The band also played at 14 Below, Pepperdine University and other bars and venues.


Neon Venus first music video for their song Beso a Beso aired on MTV Espanol.

At around this time Lissette Napoleoni took her first scene study class with Jeff Conaway (Taxi, Grease).


The 2nd Neon Venus music video for the song Volveremos aired on VHUno.   


MTV Espanol aired a Neon Venus Rockumentary of their Armed Forces Tour in Egypt, Sinai, Turkey, Spain and Italy in 2003. 

Radio airplay for Neon Venus:

Radio (partial list): Mun2 (Telemundo); Oxygen Radio; Radio Wado 1280 Am NY; WYXM; Harrisonburg, WV; 1440 Am, North and South Carolina; WRST 90.3 Oshkosh, MI among other colleges and radio shows.

Lissette takes improv courses at the Groundlings with Jeremy Rowley and Sean Hogan.  She also takes jazz dance courses at the Edge.


3rd Neon Venus music video for the song Irresistible aired on VHUno.       


4th Neon Venus music video for the song Step for song Into My Island aired on MTV Puerto Rico.


The band Neon Venus opened the Neon Venus Art Theatre

in Las Vegas, Nevada.

From 2010-2012, Neon Venus played First Fridays shows in Downtown Las Vegas as well as at Harley Davidson Restaurant, Planert Hollywood, Money Plays, the MGM Grand, etc. 

During this time, Lissette also performed shows as an entertainer/model/host for shows at the Paris Hotel, Palazzo, Sahara Hotel, Excalibur, Money Plays, etc.


The band Neon Venus opened a second Neon Venus Art Theatre on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles


Lissette performed Improv shows with the Improv Team: The People On Stage Right Now (30-45 minutes- Story Based Improv) at Neon Venus Art Theatre

She also performed sketch shows with Sketch-a-Phrenics

During this time Lissette took cold reading lessons with Tom McCafferty and Rob Roy Cesar.


The Neon Venus Art Theatre closed. After Lissette and bandmate Peter Valentino divorce, Lissette decides to focus on teaching, writing and performing instead of managing and producing improv and music shows. 


Lissette trained in stand up at Second City, Los Angeles, CA. 


Lissette directed the short This Planet’s Life and played the lead Maya. 

2019-2024  THE LOST YEARS

Lissette Napoleoni is involved in a 2019 real estate court case regarding the 2008 housing crisis.  These are also Covid years. 


Slated for release:

BOOK 1 The Crossmaker



1st Single release from upcoming album

2025  NEON VENUS 4th album:  In Love With Love 

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My Story

  I came from Puerto Rico to attend college at Ohio State University.  After graduating with an Advertising degree, I got a master's degree from the University of Michigan.  In 1994, I moved to New York to start a life full of music, art and film.

I will share here anecdotes from my artistic life as well as offer work I have done throughout the years. 


 Let's connect.

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